Being a suburb of Orlando, Dr. Phillips is part of the Orlando – Kissimmee – Sanford metropolitan statistical area and it basically deals with the same issues that Orlando is dealing. One of these many issues is the fact that at times, the city gets so crowded and is overflowing with tourists that neither the locals nor the visitors can manage in terms of transportation. Probably the only drawback of having so many tourists visit the city and Disney World each year is the fact that people find it more and more difficult to move around the city.

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First of all, you can count on us. If you are usually in a hurry to get to a place or the other and you often find it difficult to be on time, you can definitely count on us to drive you from point A to point B and make sure that you keep all your appointments and are punctual to all of your meetings. You will never be a minute late again if you book Arroyo Transportation!

Second of all, our car service in Dr. Phillips spares you of any unnecessary walking. We have an amazing pick up and drop off service. In other words, you will no longer have to walk to the bus stop or from the bus stop home. We will pick you up as soon as you leave your house and we will drop you off exactly where you need to be. You should know that your comfort is highly important to us.

And speaking of comfort, Arroyo Transportation has an impressive fleet of vehicles that you can choose from. All of these vehicles are incredibly comfortable and you can be sure that you will have an absolutely amazing time on your ride with us. Fully stocked minibars, DVD players and MP3 players are only a few of the perks of travelling with us.

So if you plan on visiting Dr. Phillips anytime so, or if you are a local in need of transportation, do not hesitate to call us! We would be more than glad to help you travel in style.