Port Canaveral, one of the busiest cruise ports in Florida, is a perfect home base for your Florida adventure. Arroyo Transportation is your go to transportation service when you are taking that once in a lifetime cruise.

Car Service Port Canaveral

Example of an adventure to carry out in the Port Canaveral is sailing to an exotic Caribbean port on a luxury cruise ship. Another one is staying in a classic hotel like the Ron Jon Cape Resort. You can also go fishing, boating or surfing on the Atlantic Ocean. The waterfronts, nightlife and posh restaurants are also there for you to tour. We are very knowledgeable about the local sites around Port Canaveral. You can count on us to be your tour guide so to speak.

There are lots of fun places to visit in the Port Canaveral like the great clubs, the public parks within the Port or you can enjoy the bike paths. They also host different festivals and tours of visiting vessels throughout the year. There are cruise ships that sails from Port Canaveral to any of the places you want to get to.

You can get a tour on landing facilities like the Shuttle Launch Experience. There are also space shuttles and also Rockets on display. There are places to fit every budget and style you need depending on the season and what is there to offer. Let us handle your place to place movement so you can just enjoy your time here.